Friday, November 26, 2004

Beijing Beijing,
It's freezing now, the earth is ice, we play pingpong.
i will go japan soon, for a short holiday.
i visit companys, do skateboard, have to pump some air un my tires.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I was in HK to get my chinese working Visa, it was my first time there and it was very good to spend some time like this. My friend Dejay ask her friend Luka to accomodate me to i had a taste of the HK life by HK people. Dejay made a movie released on DVD but the one we try to play was wrong , and i couldnot see her movie..maybe i will find a pirated copy on the net.
i also met two cool guys , Tang Sai Hong and Kwai Bun. i first met Kwai in beijing at a conference and he gave me his card, so when i went to HK i called him to meet and we went to the cyberport , a kind of big building with Hitech company like CENTRO digital or Menfront...d'ailleurs, Tang and Kwai was working respectively at Centro and Menfront , and recently worked on KungFu movie with Steven Chow ( the guy from shaolin soccer, i like him very much)
i learned that HK people doesn't like Jacky Chan, i'm conforted cause i don't like him too. he looks very naughty.
Hong Kong is very nice city, but i don't know if i could live here, maybe in the 80's on drugs but now , you feel something wrong.
but there is the sea and i like ports, i 've to go to Shanghai to have a look..
i took the ferry around 6 times,It was fun to make roundtrips with the ferry.
Now i'm back in Beijing, and i feel like home. here it's so big compare to HK, and people are more relax. Mainland chinese are relax, sometimes lazy it makes you angry but i love them.
i have to work for my evening class, i'm very late..
see you.
ps: the heater is on, it's wonderfull. i'm not cold anymore

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

j'en ai rien a foutre de cette ville chintokaise si t'etais pas la