Saturday, March 12, 2005

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

finally we didn't go to the temple, we went to the french center, and it's a good one. many books, movies, cds. my friend TOOG did want to send us his records, i wil tell him that is open.
after we walked a bit and decide to eat a Peking Duck at Qianduje restaurant on Hepingmen, it's a huge restaurant full of ducks.
as you see i shoot only with the fisheye, it's my new toy let me play a bit. after I will come back with more serious lens.

Fishview from Beida and around. i'm into HDRI now, so i bought this 10.5mm to make panorama in High dynamic range image, it allow you to light your scene with matching light.
there is also an atom boy sketch i made with my new wacom. today the wind come from south and it's getting warmer, we plan to visit the new french center in beijing, and i would like to go to the temple.