Friday, February 11, 2005

come to meet us on the ghost campus...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

this is Chinese new year, yesterday we eat wontons until the morning.
this the year of the rooster, and at home the wifes of wang wei and wang qiang( who fell down from the 4th floor 2 weeks ago, he's completely ok) were wearing red clothes, because rooster is their year. When it's yours, you also have to stay at home with all curtains closed, to see the moon is bad luck. but we were not rooster (i'm horse and the other something else) so we went out to see the firecrackers, it was amazing, for hours we heard firecrackers everywhere like during the war, in paris you have a show for 30 minutes, in china it's for 2 should be intersting to see that from a plane, all china covered by colorful fires, if you don't get shot it's fun!
today i woke up late with the strong envy to take pictures, i went to the parc i like; Houhai.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


i stay wake up late tonight it's 4am,
i was just almost sleeping when i invente some lyrics on the eno song(the one you can see below post) concerning my jounrey to Shenzhen,
: selling cohiba cigars in chinese train from HongKong to Beijing, i'm listening the whirring of a chinese man sleeping on the bed close to mine, to forget i drop myself in the mishima's pavillon d'or..lalalalalal
yes maybe i was begining to dream, and i think of that, it's almost the reality , bu t i was not selling the cigars, he was a cigar resellers in Hongkong , and he told me that there is one shop in wangfujing or people who looking for cohibas.
Shenzhen is a special city made by deng xiao ping, a special adminstration region like HK now but before HK.
he asked the advice of Lee Kuan Yew the Singapore "economic" miracle. they also made a city in front of Macau and another one in front of Taiwan. Now shenzhen is big, there is many buildings all is new , it was just a little village of fishermen before, twenty years ago.
this city is made on nothing no past , or the nature past , hills with tropical trees, still lot of birds but no human made culture with temple, relogions, old clock or castles. no nothing!
so to entertain the people and attract the chinese, after the jobs of course, they build the ENTERTAINMENT, a bit like Las Vegas i presume( i never been to Las vegas) so there is many theme parks . the first days i was shocked like the first time i went to Bangkok, but shamely after some days i found it cool...
yes. it was interesting to see how people put their hands on a place, they grab the land and build very quickly.
the subways was just open for a month ago and I decided to take it and stop at some stations i don't know, it was very strange! the subways was ready but not yet the city.
the weather was confortable, i met francois with whom i did the vietnam, yep that's right we did.
but the differeence beetween poor and rich is stronger also here because everythings so fast.
Mainly i feel china very fast, i think you know that from the newspaper. but when i'm here it look sometimes like the flower you see with fast camera in documentaries, open , close , open , close, or the sun flower facing the light.

before in the evening i had an interesting chat with my father now in Bourgogne, about the flowers as well.